Ridge Preservation

Ridge Preservation
Ridge preservation is a type of bone grafting procedure used to re-create the jawbone that may have been lost or damaged due to tooth extraction. When one or more teeth are extracted from the mouth, soft tissue and bone can begin to collapse. Without the tooth root to stimulate it, the surrounding jawbone will almost immediately begin to collapse and shrink. If there is too much bone loss, it may be impossible to place dental implants and it may become more expensive, more invasive, more time consuming, and more uncomfortable to replace the lost bone.

The Benefits of Ridge Preservation

Ridge preservation can minimize the amount of bone loss that occurs after the removal of one or more teeth. Following a tooth extraction, it is important to replace missing teeth so prevent deteriorating of the jawbone or bacteria growing in the open socket. If proper care is not taken, it will be difficult to insert a dental implant into the open area.

Ridge Preservation Surgery is:
  • Minimally invasive with minimal discomfort
  • Prepares the site for future placement of a dental implant without additional grafting
  • More cost effective and less painful than waiting to have the grafting procedure later
  • Preserves a natural looking smile

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